BizRobo! Basic
BizRobo! Basic is the long-seller solution among BizRobo! solutions. It is the classic server type RPA delivering superior scalability and lowest total cost of ownership. The developer interface (Design Studio) and integrated management application (Management Console) are simple enough for non-technical business users and yet powerful enough for experienced programmers to advance the solution by coordinate with other technology such as OCR and AI.

Developer Interface:
Design Studio

  • Built-in browser engine
  • Create robots by making the robots mimic the exact task flow done by humans

Integrated Management Application:
Management Console

  • Manage and schedule the execution of robots
  • Manage and set authorizations to execute robots
  • Monitor the operating state of robots

Advantages of BizRobo! Basic

  • Quite a number of robots can be created with one BizRobo! Basic license
  • One BizRobo! Basic license for 10 concurrent users
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Robots operation state won't be affected by the desktop condition
  • Robots can be executed in virtual server as well