About BizRobo!
BizRobo! is digital workforce solution provided by RPA market pioneer, RPA Technologies Inc., originated from Japan with 10 years of business experience in the field. Nowadays, there is an increasing number of companies that are suffering from an enormous amount of inefficient routine tasks. BizRobo! is aiming to free human workforce from repeatable, mentally-exhausting tasks and enable them to spend more quality time in private —while increasing productivity at work!
   BizRobo!at a Glance

RPA pioneer in Japan with 10 years of business experience

Number of Users: Over 1,100 companies(※As of Feb. 2019)

Chosen as 2017 Gartner Cool Vendors in Business and IT Services

What makes BizRobo! special?


 Robots running in server

BizRobo! is so-called "server-type" (also known as "background-type") RPA. Quite a number of robots can be created with one BizRobo! license and the robots can run in server in stead of in PCs and therefore stable operation can be expected. 

 Non-technical user friendly

The design of the developer interface of BizRobo! is aimed to be intuitive and simple for non-technical business users. It is proven that users without any skills of programming can also create robots since the basic concept of developing robots with BizRobo! is to "let the robots mimic the task flow done by humans"!

 Accumulated know-hows and use cases shared by BizRobo! users

BizRobo! has been in the market for longer than 10 years with more than 1,100 companies mostly in Asia as BizRobo! users releasing know-hows and use cases that you might find useful!