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Vision & Mission

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Our mission is to free your employees from repeatable tasks and enable them to spend more quality time in private, while increasing productivity at work! To do that, we are devoted to creating working environments where everyone can leverage digital workforce built with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to work less and achieve more. The digital workforce solution we provide is called BizRobo! and it is designed to be simple for non-tech savvy users yet powerful enough to scale and coordinate with other technology such as OCR and AI!     

BizRobo! Basic
BizRobo! Basic is the long-seller solution among BizRobo! solutions. It is the classic background type RPA delivering superior scalability and lowest total cost of ownership.
BizRobo! mini
BizRobo! mini is RDA (robotic desktop automation) version of BizRobo! Basic, designed for SMEs or any companies looking for a small start with RPA.