GMO CLICK Securities

An RPA implementation led by business departments with the goal of cultivating an organizational climate favorable to spontaneous business improvements in efficiency and quality

  • Applying BizRobo! to a wide range of businesses including securities brokerage, finance, HR and general affairs, information systems, compliance and management planning
  • Strengthening horizontal bonds between business departments, and actively working on workplace-led automation

GMO CLICK Securities is an Internet securities brokerage company founded in 2005. In order to provide its users with a trading environment of minimum costs and maximum convenience, it develops, maintains and operates systems within its group, making investments even more convenient and closer, and it aims at creating a world where all investment products across the planet can be traded easily at any time and from anywhere.

Under the banner of business transformation, BizRobo! has been internally applied as an RPA (Robotic Process Transformation) tool since the beginning of 2017. The key to using it resides in the creation of an organizational climate promoting robotization of business departments’ processes on a voluntary basis, followed by routine improvements.

Business Challenge
Aiming to make business transformation a deeply-rooted aspect of the organizational climate
Implementing RPA to foster an organizational climate that inspires sustained improvements in performance

With the purpose of improving business efficiency and quality, a project of cross-departmental business reform was launched at GMO CLICK Securities, on October 2016. At the very beginning, hearings were conducted at each department, and BPR-inspired approaches were adopted to boost the flow of those parts that were a burden to normal business activity, but the company was soon facing problems caused by the overreliance of its business processes on terminals that were timely and geographically constrained. During his search for solutions, Mr. Furusawa discovered RPA, a way to automate business processes based on terminals, without having to code.

“Excited by the challenge of applying an RPA under the lead of business departments, I looked back at the findings at each step of the project and explained the necessity of RPA to the management team. I was able to make them understand how this tool could foster an organizational climate an organizational climate that inspires continuous performance improvement, which led to the decision of implementing it.” (Mr. Furusawa)

Why BizRobo!
They valued the substantial achievements of BizRobo! and its manageability
"It never occurred to me robots could be made so easily!"

Two important points that GMO CLICK Securities emphasized in selecting their RPA tool were the "ease to manage accounts” and the “ease for end-users to create and maintain robots".

"Our goal was to have the business department voluntarily making improvements; so, we thought that user-friendliness and a reduction in management complexity were necessary."(Mr. Furusawa)

In that perspective, the company carried out comparative tests of some RPA tools at the end of 2016, got tempted by the server-based type RPA, BizRobo!, for its large customer base and its excellent management capabilities, and decided to implement it.

Mr. Shoko Kondo, from the GMO Financial Holdings Systems Supervision Department, recalled: "When I first saw a demonstration of BizRobo! from the perspective of a developer, I was surprised by how user-friendly it was. It never occurred to me that robots can be made so easily!"

Target Processes
Applying BizRobo! to a wide range of business processes
Establishing an RPA for core securities business processes too

Including trials, GMO CLICK Securities have been using BizRobo! for about 2 years, while the targeted business areas were vast and included securities brokerage, finance, HR and general affairs, information systems, compliance and management planning. For example, in HR and general affairs, robots operate by emitting situation-specific alerts to know the employees’ attendance states or to manage adapted working hours; while for securities brokerage, the company main business activity, they are in charge of reviewing openings of bank accounts and lending stocks.

“Recently, we also came to consider time slots and timing when deciding about an order of priority for the businesses susceptible to automation. Indeed, business processes to be realized just after starting or just before ending work, and the ones that can be carried out at any time create appreciations of time and psychological pressures that are felt differently by the people in charge, even if we decrease the amount of work time.” (Mr. Furusawa)

Business Impact
They are realizing the importance of user-led development
Within the business department, exhortations such as "Wouldn't it be better to let robots do that for us?" are becoming more frequent

Problems during the development of BizRobo! are reported to the company internal chatgroup, and general-purpose information is uploaded on a specialized website, but recently, cases of collaborative contributions are reported where resolution methods are shared by different people than the project promoters, starting with Mr. Furusawa.

“I am delighted to see business departments developing stronger and stronger horizontal bonds,” said Mr. Furusawa.

Besides, within the business departments themselves, constructive exhortations such as “Wouldn’t it be better to let robots do that for us?” are multiplying.“.

“We are realizing again the importance of findings only people in charge of fieldwork can have. Although worksites operated RPA for the first time, they were voluntarily manipulating this tool during their free time and investing good efforts to work toward automation. RPA also fits those corporate cultures that work for constant improvement and tackle new challenges.“ (Mr. Furusawa)

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